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Travel Managers

To get the greatest benefits, travel managers need to work with senior executives and a travel management company to define and enforce a policy that fits their specific corporate culture. When done right, companies can save an average of 20% or more when working with a travel management company.

Be a STAR! Travel Arranger

No longer is your travel policy crafted for expense management and authorization tracking. You must now consider things like Safety(1), Security(2) and Health(3). Rules must be applied based on current issues and restrictions. Travel policies will need some newly created sections like "Duty of Health" and "Safety and Security". In some areas of the world you may recommend that 2 or more travel togeather for safety and security issues. Also you may need to restrict travel to certain cities or parts of a city state or country due to protests or other politically charged circumstances.

Business Travelers believe that 42% of customers will be lost without in person meetings. If we can save you upto $100.00 per ticket on 5 tickets a month, that's a 6000.00 savings yearly. Over a 5 year program it adds up, 30k!
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